Welcome to Mini Wizard Studios

Mini Wizard Studios is a small company pulling together two passions into one; pixel art and game design.

We hope to combine the charm of pixel art with innovative and interesting ideas to create fun and attractive games for people of all ages to enjoy.

Started up in the UK, we are now located in the High-Tech Zone of Dalian, a temperate sea-side city in the North East of China. For the last few years we have focused on the mobile phone games market here in China and graphical (predominantly pixel art) outsourcing to Europe, America and Australia.

UK to ChinaAlmost halfway around the world - from UK to China

For the time being, we are hard at work on a couple of PC casual game titles and we hope that we will soon be able to show you our results. However, our artists are always looking for extra work so if you are in need of outsourced pixel art, please take a look at the Pixels section to see if we can offer our services.

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