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Pixel Art Enquiries

Please provide as much information of your pixel art requirements (with as much detail as possible: number of animation frames, colour limits, palete restrictions, size restrictions, directional variations etc.) Concept sketches or existing screenshots are very useful in understanding the nature of the work and what it will entail. The more information supplied, the quicker and easier it is to assess the workload and provide a quote and timescale for it.

Any project information supplied will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Email us at:
pixels at miniwizardstudios dot com


ILink Bannerf you wish to link to this site, the code and 88x31 banner link can be copied from here:

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If you are seeking to have your site linked from here, please email us at links at miniwizardstudios dot com and include your web address and banner. If we feel it is appropriate and fitting to our own site we will add you as promptly as we are able.

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