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Dungeons of Despair is an isometric RPG game where the player can explore a multitude of levels with many different types of monsters to face and slay, numerous quests that can be undertaken, and has an item generation system that allows for thousands of items with different magical attributes.

There are two main versions of the game, which do have some key differences between them due to screen size and available memory, however, for the most part, the game play is identical. This web site contains the information on both versions and differences can be seen for each section by choosing which version to view at the top right: DoD Gold or DoD Lite.

In both versions the player starts the game at level one, with low base values for health, strength, dexterity, defence and damage. As the player defeats monsters he/she gains experience which helps to raise the characters level. Fighting harder monsters yields more experience points, and killing weak monsters will gain very few. As the players level rises, so do his/her base character attribute values. Finding or purchasing armour, weapons, jewelry or talismans however, provides the largest boost to the characters vital statistics, and higher level items have larger bonuses.

Weapons each need to be used for a while so that the characters skill at using each type of weapon can improve, and as this skill increases, so does the chance to strike the opponent and do extra damage.

DoD Gold
DoD Lite

DoD Lite Screenshot: Title Screen

DoD Lite Screenshot: Main Menu