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Throughout the game there are many quests given to you by various NPCs on different levels. Quests are displayed graphically, showing the item required by the NPC, and what the item or cash reward is for bringing that NPC the item. Some quest items need to be purchased, others can be found by killing monsters, and some can be found in guarded chests.

Whenever an item is required by an NPC or other object the player activates, a scoll is shown above the object with a picture of the item required (for instance a door will show a picture of the key that is required in order to unlock the door).

Quests montage (1/3)

Picture 1 shows the item required for the quest in the player's backpack. Picture 2 shows the NPC with an exclamation mark above his head, indicating that he has a quest for the player to complete.

Quests montage (2/3)

Picture 3 shows the quest dialog, indicating which item should be brought to this NPC, and what the reward will be. If you posess the item, press the left soft-key to select 'ok'. Picture 4 shows the NPC without the exclamation mark, indicating that the quest has been completed and there is nothing further that can be done with this NPC.

Quests montage (3/3)

Picture 5 shows the reward item in the player's backpack and the information about it. The final picture shows the result of having drunk this elixir: the player's strength has been permanently increased by 3.

Other quest items are occasionally located in chests and sometimes involve solving small puzzles in order to get to them. These puzzles mostly involve setting the correct configuration of switches, and clues as to which swiches or levers to set can be found in the area. Scrolls with puzzle solutions can also be found on later levels for those who have trouble solving them on their own, as well as other scrolls which reveal some of the various secret levels and areas in the game.

Quests montage (1/2)

The first image (above) shows a chest surrounded by pillars and statues with various symbols on the rear walls. The second picture is a view of the chamber beneath these pillars which has a collection of floor switches with coloured symbols on them.

Quests montage (2/2)

These shots show how the successful combination of switches has opened the way to get to the chest, and the quest item that can be found inside the chest.

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DoD Lite Screenshot: Quest Item

DoD Lite Screenshot: Quest Dialog

DoD Lite Screenshot: Reward

DoD Lite Screenshot: Reward Used