What is 'Pixel Art'?

Pixel art is a form of digital art but in creating any piece of pixel art, careful attention is paid to the colour palette and the placement of individual pixels. Most pixel art uses a very small number of carefully chosen colours.

It is predominantly used in computer games for mobile phones or any other computer with limited memory or small screen size. It is also widely used on the internet - either stylisticly, or for icons, emoticons, avatars, banners, buttons, layout etc.

PPixel art can be created by almost any art package from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop. However the latter provides many more tools and options and most of which are never used in pixel art. Filters, gradient fills and effects either distort pixels or the colour palette.

The results of pixel art are similar to those of ancient mosaics, tapestries, or cross-stitch. The principles are simiar for all. In tapestry or cross-stiching, you generally have a piece of material with a gridlike pattern of holes and a limited selection of coloured threads.

Although 3D is now more prevalent in the bigger mainstream computer games today, pixel art still has wide range of uses. Indeed even low-poly 3D often uses pixel art based textures.

The pixel art here has been split into the following three primary categories:

2 Dimensional
UI and Icons

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