Quintets is a puzzle game with over two hundred pre-designed levels and an arcade mode which creates its own random and unique levels each time it is played.

The 'quintets' themselves are the small pieces used in the game, each one consisting of a different combination of five smaller blocks.

The object of the game is to fill the playing area of each level by using all of (or as many as required) the quintets available to you. Each 'quintet' can only be used once on each level, and on most levels they can be flipped or rotated before being placed. The in-game tutorial levels allow the player to slowly familiarise themselves with the controls and strategies of the game.

The size and difficulty of the levels slowly increases as the player becomes more familiar with the game and the subtleties of how the 'quintets' fit together in different ways.

The player's progress through the game is automatically saved and you can jump almost immediately to the first unfinished puzzle or select and choose to replay any previously completed puzzle.

The 200+ levels are broken down into sets of twelve levels at a time, and each new set needs to be 'unlocked' before it can be played, by completing nine or more of the puzzles of the current set.

The Arcade mode has both scoring and a time limit per level which forces the player to think fast and act quickly to gain a high score. In contrast, the regular Puzzles Mode can be taken at a relaxed pace as there are no time restrictions or scoring and the focus is simply on the completion of the puzzles and progress through the sets of levels.

What level can you get to?

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